Running Calculator




1. Time prediction for any distance
2. Pace calculator

3. Estimated Max VO2
4. Measures conversion

5. Body mass index

1. Time prediction for any distance :  

Actual :  Distance : miles.  Time : hrminsec
Predicted :  Distance : miles.  Time : hrminsec
Prediction by the Runner's World Magazine table with the following formula :
predicted time= actual time x (prediction's distance / actual distance) elevated to 1.07
Presumes that you did the appropriate endurance training.


2. Pace calculator :  

Distance :  miles.     Time: hrminsec 
Pace for covering the distance in this time is: 
pace : minsec per mile. 
Time for covering the distance with this pace is : 

3. Estimated Max VO2 :

Recent time for the 10 k : hr min sec 
Estimated maximum VO2 for the time above : 
Prediction by Dr. David Costil formula : Max VO2 = 120.8 - (1.54 * Time for 10 k)
Obs : You must have the time for 10 k under 1:10.


4. Measures conversion :

k equals  
Miles equals
minsec per k equals 
minsec per mile equals
minsec per k equals
k per hour equals
degrees Celsius equals
degrees Fahrenheit equals


5. Body mass index :

Height : mcm . Weight : Kg 
Your body mass index is : 
By the W.H.O., the ideal index is in the 18.5-25 range.
So, for your height, the ideal weight is in the range : 
Formula -> BMI = square of (weight (kg) divided per height (meters) )

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