Are we Eating Healthy?

What does healthy eating mean? Again, I think it depends upon who we talk to, or what expert we're listening to. Most people assume upon meeting me that I eat healthy, and I recently stopped for moment to ask myself, do I? Well, I like to think that I do, which is to eat healthy on a regular basis as a way of life. But it does not mean that I eat only healthy foods, or that I only eat something unhealthy once a year (that wouldn't be fun!). But I do try to keep the foundation of my eating healthy on a daily basis with some (and some spur of the moment) unhealthy choices in between!

If you've been reading my tips you'll know that I like to recommend eating often, eating a variety of foods from all our food groups, eating breakfast, and combining small amounts of protein with our carbohydrate foods. I call these some of our "tools" of eating for health, energy and weight loss. But let's take a closer look at what would be considered healthy eating habits by most experts without a gimmick (sorry!). Also, If we spend a little more time on what we should add to our diet, rather than what we should cut out, I believe we might find ourselves eating healthier more often.


So, are we:

Eating at least 3 different fruits per day?

Eating at least 3-5 different vegetables per day (including dark green leafy, cruciferous, and a variety of colors)?

Eating a meal that is totally vegetarian once a week?

Eating fish versus red meat or poultry at least twice per week?

Eating or drinking a low-fat dairy product such as yogurt or milk 2 -3 times per day?

Eating whole grain products products instead of white flour products (this includes high fiber cereals versus sugar pops, brown rice instead of white, etc.) more often than not, almost everyday?

Eating a nutrient dense snack instead of a low nutrient high calorie snack ( popcorn versus M&M's for instance) more than 50% of the time?

Substituting a low-fat alternative for a high fat ( jelly versus butter, or chicken stock versus oil in cooking) method of cooking or as a condiment more than 50% of the time?

Are we using healthy monounsaturated fats such as olive oil vs. butter when we do use fat to cook?

If we remember to apply some healthy eating tools most of the time, then maybe we can enjoy our other choices some of the time, not feel guilty and be on our way to eating healthy!

Are we eating healthy yet?


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