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The most traditional marathon races in Brazil

Maratona de Blumenau 2002

Blumenau Marathon

Date: July
Official site:
Contact: Phones (47) 326-6974 / 329-2425
The course was the faster in Brazil, but it was changed in the last edition and got many hills. Blumenau isn't a big city, so you can feel the race's atmosphere since it seems that everyone in town that weekend is a runner

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São Paulo Marathon

Date: Usually May or June
Official site: divulgation is forbidden
Contact: phone (11) 3763-4294

It one of the biggest marathons in Brazil, and it count with many fans along the course cheering for the runners. The course is considered hard.

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Ibirapuera Park

Moinhos de Vento Park, also known as Parcão

Porto Alegre Marathon

Date: May
Official site:
Fast and very well structured marathon. The weather is also nice for good performances.

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Curitiba Ecological Marathon

Date: November
Well structured with many enthusiastic fans cheering along the course. It is a hard Marathon because of the hilly course and November's warm weather.

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Photo : Cláudio Ito. Site : Guia do Brasil

Beira-mar em Avenue in Florianópolis - Start place

Santa Catarina Marathon

Date: September
Official site:
Had its inaugural edition in 2001 in the beautiful Florianópolis city (in Santa Catarina island). The course was hilly, but race organizers are studying a more flat course near the sea.

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Brasília Marathon

Last edition: November 25, 2001
Next edition: 
No prevision
Official site: Doesn't have one
Passes trough famous points of the Brazil's capital and the hardest thing is the usually hot and dry weather.

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National Congress - Brasília - © Augusto C. B. Areal, 2001
Photo: © Augusto C. B. Areal, 2001
Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro Marathon

Date: June
Official site:
It's always a great experience to race in the Marvelous City.

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Recife Marathon

Date: July
Official site:
The only one in the gorgeous Brazil Northeast Region has flat course and starts at 6:00 a.m. to prevent the hot weather.

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City of Recife



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