The Path to Marathon Success - PostRace
by Benji Durden



Whatever the outcome, remember that each marathon teaches you something you can use the next time. If you reach your goals, set new goals and focus on what went right.

If you missed the mark, look for where you went off track. It took me a few attempts before I ran a marathon that reflected my talent. Most runners need a few marathons before they run up to their ability.

The week after the race, whether you reached your goal or not, take at least four days off completely. Marathons deplete the body's energy stores, and often there is muscle tissue damage, particularly from hilly courses. Allowing yourself total rest from training, combined with eating plenty of carbohydrates, helps the body rebuild.

When you start running again, ease into it with gentle 30- to 40-minute runs. If you still have mild aches, ice and aspirin can help. For severe soreness, rest until it passes. Patience now will be invaluable later as you begin to train again. Impatience can result in a long-term nagging problem.

As you go through the program, remember to enjoy your running. If it seems too much like work, you're probably trying too hard.


Credits: Text copyright 1996 by Benji Durden

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